Target Funds End Year Far From Bull’s Eye –

Often billed as the fund and brokerage industry’s quick fix for retirement planning, so-called target-date funds took an unexpected turn for the worse in 2011, according to new data. Also See Advisers Weigh Other Retirement Options Earlier: Hidden Risks in Target-Date Funds Former Gold Fans Search for New Havens The funds, which have become an […]

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“China Will Not Hesitate to Protect Iran” in WWIII Scenario

China is not about to cast off Iran, even in the event of a World War scenario. Recent sanctions from the EU have been met with intensifying sabre-rattling between Iran and much of the West…  If current disputes escalate into a World War, then China would not hesitate to back Iran, according to Major General Zhang Zhaozhong, […]

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Nike CEO Builds His Own Scaffold

The CEO of Nike (NKE) is projecting growth in excess of 50% between now and 2011. That would take the shoe company to $23 billion. It is a bit like Starbucks (SBUX) saying that it will eventually have 40,000 stores. But, it is also reminiscent of claims from the CEO of a company called Dell […]

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