Forex Electronic Investing Computer software

Forex may be the international exchange industry, that is also known as the currency industry. This marketplace is decentralized and buying and selling of unique currencies takes location over-the-counter. Several financial centers located in distinct components on the globe perform as middlemen in between the sellers and buyers. These centers function spherical the clock, but […]

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A Contrarian Bet on Higher Prices

The decline in natural gas stocks has been anything but natural lately. With ample stores and cheap prices, natural gas-related equities have taken a beating and continue to be battered. While it is always difficult to call a bottom, the tide may be turning for natural gas companies despite the latest data. The price of […]

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Greek Deadline Passes, Market Closes Up

With the deadline for Greece to accomplish a private swap with creditors now behind us, all signs seem to indicate that a chaotic default is unlikely. Preliminary results regarding the debt deadline are not expected until the wee hours EST Friday, and European finance ministers, and other debt experts, will need to weigh in. But […]

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