Are You Watching This Trend at Whole Foods Market?

Margins matter. The more Whole Foods Market (Nasdaq: WFM  ) keeps of each buck it earns in revenue, the more money it has to invest in growth, fund new strategic plans, or (gasp!) distribute to shareholders. Healthy margins often separate pretenders from the best stocks in the market. That’s why we check up on margins at […]

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Two Overvalued Tech Stocks To Avoid

The S&P is up at the top of its recent trading range again. I added quite a few positions in the beaten down commodity and energy stocks over the last 8 weeks. To reduce volatility and benefit from any pullbacks in the market, I also like to take short positions in what I believe are […]

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Whole Foods Shares Look Appetizing

Success stories during the recent recession were rare. However, Whole Foods (NASDAQ:WFM) was an exception. The Austin, Texas-based organic foods retailer reported five straight quarters of growth during and after the recession. And, it continued the growth story for a sixth straight quarter this past Wednesday.

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