ZipRealty Has 60% Upside

As I have noted in previous articles, when looking for a company to buy, I try to find some of the following characteristics: A stock that has fallen out of favor with investorsA stock that has a major catalyst on the horizonA company that has signaled that they are close to a bottom in their […]

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Should gold be part of every investment portfolio?

He, however, cautions not to invest in gold just because price of gold has gone down but in case percentage wise one’s allocation has reduced due to fall in price. He advises that one has a demat account then one should look at buying gold through an gold ETF where the spread is less and more trades. Below is […]

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SEC Approves $8 Billion Sale of NYSE to ICE

Richard Drew/AP WASHINGTON — Regulators have approved the proposed $8 billion sale of the venerable New York Stock Exchange to a much younger futures exchange. The deal is a symbol of the swift evolution of financial markets reshaped by technology. The Securities and Exchange Commission says it’s authorized the takeover of the two-centuries-old NYSE parent […]

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