Best Growth Stocks To Own For 2016

Toy industry sees opportunity in China’s two-child policy Let’s call it the people’s problem of China. The country’s workforce has been shrinking since 2012 — the fallout from a decades-old policy that restricted most couples to only one child. Faced with an aging population, labor shortages and slowing economic growth, China relaxed the law. Starting […]

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Top Supermarket Companies To Buy For 2016

Citigroup’s Beth Kite calls Nu Skin Enterprises’ (NUS) earnings and guidance “awfully disappointing.” She explains why: “Frustrating” Describes 4Q15 & 2016 Guidance:Nu Skin (i) reported 4Q15 EPS of $0.62, 11 cents below consensus and us, and (ii) lowered 2016 EPS guidance, from $3.25-$3.40 to $2.40-$2.60.Nu Skin had three LTO’s in 4Q152 succeeded and 1 failed. […]

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Top 10 China Stocks To Own For 2016

Gilead Sciences (GILD) posted better-than-expected fourth-quarter financial results as sales of its hepatitis C drugs exceeded forecasts. Still, the biotech giant gave back after-hour gains as full-year sales forecasts failed to impress. Gilead also boosted its dividend and almost doubled its share repurchase plan. At a recent $83, the shares were up 0.4% after earlier […]

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