Best Company To Invest In 2013

Now, I know that lots of my readers are already yelling at their computer screens — “Buy and hold is dead!” goes the cry, and that has certainly been increasingly the sentiment of the market over the last few years … especially since, in so many stocks, “buy and hold” has meant “buy and watch […]

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Buffet Stocks For 2013

A few days ago I read a few articles that started off by saying, “J.P. Morgan names Facebook, eBay, Priceline and Pandora as its top picks among Internet stocks for 2013.”  That was followed by a link to read more. I was initially a little perplexed – so much so that I clicked on the […]

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Top Stock Picks For 2013

In 2012, the stock markets had another wild ride. This seems to be the case every year since 2008. Between the eurozone crisis on a daily basis, politicians caring more about their own agendas than the public’s, and also then Steve Jobs passing away; there were plenty of stories in 2012. For this article, I […]

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