Best Biotech Stocks For 2013

If you’re looking for a stock that could double over the next 12 months, your best bet is biotechnology. Using the Google (GOOG) screener, I found that 51 stocks with a market capitalization greater than $50 million had returned one-year gains of at least 100%. But what’s even more interesting is that biotechnology stocks account […]

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Stocks To Invest In 2013

Now, I know that lots of my readers are already yelling at their computer screens — “Buy and hold is dead!” goes the cry, and that has certainly been increasingly the sentiment of the market over the last few years … especially since, in so many stocks, “buy and hold” has meant “buy and watch […]

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Best Stocks To Invest In 2013

A few months ago, I sent a report to readers of my Top 10 Stocks advisory covering my “10 Best Stocks to Hold Forever.” It’s quickly becoming one of the most popular pieces of research in StreetAuthority’s history. Simply put, these are the 10 stocks that we think you can buy today and basically hold […]

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