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Shutterstock Money is always listed as one of the most common things couples fight about; in fact, the Institute For Divorce Financial Analytics list ‘money issues’ as one of the top three reasons for divorce. Why is money such a lightening rod for couples? Like many marital issues, the underlying problem is usually a lack of communication. […]

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FBI Director James Comey According to top Senate Democrat Harry Reid (D-NV), the FBI is withholding an “October Surprise” that would harm GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign ahead of Election Day on Nov. 8… The outspoken Democrat issued a scathing public letter via his own website to FBI Director James Comey yesterday (Sunday). He […]

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Atlantic Power Beats on Both Top and Bottom Lines

Atlantic Power (NYSE: AT  ) reported earnings on May 8. Here are the numbers you need to know. The 10-second takeaway For the quarter ended March 31 (Q1), Atlantic Power beat expectations on revenues and beat expectations on earnings per share. Compared to the prior-year quarter, revenue shrank significantly. Non-GAAP earnings per share increased. GAAP earnings […]

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